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Currency Claims

Do you believe you may have been mis-sold a currency linked hedging product?

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Pension Annuities

Have you recently reached retirement age and purchased an annuity? You may be entitled to claim.

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Autopilot Bonds

Have you invested in an RBS Autopilot Bond? You may be entitled to compensation.

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Investment Types

Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)
What is a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)? SIPPs are a Government approved personal pension schemes. They are similar to standard personal pension schemes, however they offer much broader investment powers than generally available. They allow you to hold multiple investment products to grow your pension fund. It is an individual contract between you and the read more
With Profit Bonds
What is a With Profits Bond? A With Profits Bond is a type of investment which is seen as “low risk” investment.  Technically a With Profits Bond is a type of life insurance investment however the life cover offered by such a product is negligible and they are primarily used as an investment in order read more
Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes
What is an Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme? An Unregulated Collected Investment Scheme (UCIS) is an investment type which falls outside of the FCA regulation in respect of items such as spread of assets, cash reserves, liquidity, dealing frequency and limitations on borrowings.  Whilst not always the case, the traditional model is that a UCIS is read more

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