Corporate Social Responsibility

At Cooper Stern, we take pride in ensuring that we consider carefully any impact that our business activities could have on the wider community.

We therefore strive to ensure that regardless of what else we are looking to achieve we will have a positive impact on the four pillars of our Corporate Responsibility policy namely; our people, our clients, the local community and the environment generally.

Our Corporate Responsibility policy reflects the values that we hold as a business and we are dedicated to constantly improving this aspect.  As part of this many of the key stakeholders in Cooper Stern actively seek to implement new and innovative strategies to further enhance our effect on the four pillars.


Whilst it may be a cliché it is true that “if you look after your staff, they’ll look after your clients”.  At Cooper Stern we firmly believe that our people are our biggest asset.  We are therefore committed to ensuring that we make Cooper Stern a great place to work.  This leads to us attracting a high calibre of recruits from across the market sectors and retaining them so they can grow within the business.  We actively look to promote equality of opportunity in all we do including our recruitment policy and our investment in staff.

We heavily invest in staff training and encourage our people to seek out opportunities to improve their career development.  Due to our excellent relationships with our business partners we can offer excellent opportunities for our people to be exposed to new sectors and learn new skills.

As a responsible employer we take the health and safety of our staff seriously.  We make sure that all employees are aware of the health and safety risks posed within their role.  This will include regular display screen equipment (DSE) assessments and ensuring any risks are identified and resolved at the earliest possible opportunity.


At Cooper Stern we are under no illusions that we need to constantly work hard to maintain the good reputation that we have earned.  Our Clients are left with no doubt that by working with Cooper Stern they are working with a business with integrity that they can trust.  As above by taking care of our people we have no doubt that they will take care of our Clients.

As part of our commitment to our Clients we will always look to ensure that any suppliers we work with and/or third parties we recommend will operate to the same high ethical standards that we try to uphold.  Whilst we will always look for best value, we will not be motivated exclusively by costs if we have to compromise on our principles.  After all, anyone we use or recommend reflects on us as a business.

Finally whilst we are a business we are very conscious of the fact that we are operating within an area in which the vast majority of our Clients have suffered distress prior to our instruction.  Some of our Clients may be in a position in which they have been pushed close to financial dire straits.  We will therefore look to be flexible with our charging structure to ensure that we offer assistance were other businesses may close the door.  Whilst we cannot guarantee that we can take on every claim, at the very least we will look to provide guidance on the next steps that can be taken.


We are proud to be a local business which assists Clients the length and breadth of the country.  We strive to be a strong and productive member of our community. We are always looking at new ways to make contributions to the community be that on an individual basis such as providing work experience opportunities or an a more collective basis by taking part in charity fund raising.

All of our people are encouraged to give something back by volunteering, making donations and fundraising.  Examples of our staff giving back include taking part in a mentoring project to offer vital life skills to underprivileged youths and being involved with voluntary sports coaching roles.

At Cooper Stern we also ensure that our staffs efforts do not go unnoticed and will support our staff as needed.  If possible we will work with our staff to provide flexible working patterns if their voluntary work falls within working hours.  Further we operate an “open ideas” forum in which our staff can make us aware of any local causes that the business as a whole could support either by the provision of volunteers or via a charity donation.


The environment, in particular the potential of climate change, is a major concern for many of us.  Here at Cooper Stern we are no different.  All of our staff are encouraged to be aware of their effect on the environment both in their actions within working hours and in their social time.

Staff are encouraged to take steps to reduce their impact on the environment such as being conscious of paper wastage, cutting down power usage by powering down appliances when not needed and looking to reduce commuting pollution by use of public transport, walking to work and car sharing as appropriate.

We constantly monitor our energy efficiency as a firm and will always take steps to become more efficient and environmentally friendly as and when identified.  In recent years we have implemented the reconditioning of old computers to reduce waste and will always look to reuse and recycle office furniture.

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There are no substantial up-front costs, and our clients like that. The claims we have settled so far have been on a full redress basis. The banks are misbehaving by making offers to businesses, partially repaying what they have paid, and saying they do not need legal advice and making very low offers. I would urge businesses who are affected to get in touch with us before it is too late.

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Director, Cooper Stern

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