What do I need to do?

  1. Contact us today using this form or call us on 01204 328 287 to discuss the details of your complaint and to start the initial-no obligation review.
  1. Provide us with any evidence you may have from the time or allow us to submit a routine information request to your provider on your behalf to begin the no-obligation review.
  1. If you’re happy to proceed, we agree terms of our engagement. We draft and submit your letter of complaint, liaise with your provider throughout the process, manage and conduct the settlement process and advise you of potential alternative routes to redress.

We will manage the complaint from beginning to end, keeping you updated throughout, until a conclusion is reached and where redress is offered we help to ensure payment is received in a timely manner and that any final queries or consequential losses are dealt with before your case is closed.

What are the fees?

Your claim is conducted on a no-win no-fee basis, where your fee is calculated as a percentage only in the event we secure a successful outcome for you. Our standard contingency fee is usually 20%.

For some claims, depending on the size and information request requirements, there may be disbursements or fixed fees which could arise prior to the commencement of your claim, but you will be made aware of these well in advance of any work that is commenced and will only become payable with your prior consent and agreement.

Here at Cooper Stern, we are one of the UK’s leading advisors on a range of mis-sold investment and financial products, and have specialists in currency related products. We are able to provide advice on a range of currency linked products, including currency hedges, swaps, caps, collars and multi-currency mortgages.

Our team of expert advisors are able to assess and evaluate the suitability of your product and precisely calculate what you would have been paying under a more appropriate product, had you not been mis-sold. This is the total amount which we would seek to claim on your behalf. We are regarded as an established authority when it comes to handling claims relating to mis-sold investments and it is our aim to help you to achieve the redress you deserve.

how can we help you?

Have any questions? Get in touch with the Cooper Stern team today by submitting an inquiry online.

There are no substantial up-front costs, and our clients like that. The claims we have settled so far have been on a full redress basis. The banks are misbehaving by making offers to businesses, partially repaying what they have paid, and saying they do not need legal advice and making very low offers. I would urge businesses who are affected to get in touch with us before it is too late.

Dan Fallows
Director, Cooper Stern

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