How long will a claim take?

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There are no substantial up-front costs, and our clients like that. The claims we have settled so far have been on a full redress basis. The banks are misbehaving by making offers to businesses, partially repaying what they have paid, and saying they do not need legal advice and making very low offers. I would urge businesses who are affected to get in touch with us before it is too late.

Dan Fallows
Director, Cooper Stern

At Cooper Stern we always try to take the stress out of the claims process by keeping you regularly updated and chasing the provider for regular updates.  You can rest assured that the matter will be progressed in as time efficient manner as possible.

The average time taken for each stage of a typical claim is below.  It is important to note that actual time can vary from claim to claim.  Further not every stage below is needed, indeed some claims can resolve within around three months whereas some claims can take several years to finalise.